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Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 32)

with Manobina Chakraborty

Announcement episode 7.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 7)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Alternative Pedagogy to Promote Inclusive Learning

Experts: Kevin Hewitson & Marius Frank

Date: 15/1/2021

Announcement episode 6.pptx.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 6)

June 9, 2019

Empathy-Driven School System

Experts: Rani Chaudhry & Debarshi Roy

Date: 8/1/2021

5th episode.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 5)

June 9, 2019

Finding Support for a Child with SpLD

Experts: Sheridan Steen, Blessing Ingyape & Archana Garg


episode 4.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 4)

June 9, 2019

Structured Literacy at Home

Experts: Tiffany James & Lola Aneke

Date: 11/12/2020

final therese enid.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 3)

June 9, 2019

Keep Calm and Stay Positive

Experts: Enid Webb & Therese Bosshardt

Date: 4/12/20202

Announcement 2nd episode.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 2)

June 9, 2019

Autism and the Pandemic

Expert: Charlene Tait

Date: 27/11/2020

lets talk inclusion 1.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 1)

June 9, 2019

Autism and the Pandemiic

Experts: Stephen Shore & Lorna Wallace

Date: 20/11/2020

Announcement episode 8.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 8)

June 9, 2019

Collaboration for Inclusion

Experts: Caroline Hill & Glads Joseph

Date: 22/1/2021

Announcement episode 9 final.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 9)

June 9, 2019

Addressing Behavioural Rigidity to Improve Cognitive Flexibility

Experts: Michael Purches, Education Consultant, UK

Sreepriya Bhowmik, SEN Specialist, UK

Date: 29/1/2021

episode 10 revised.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 10)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Life on the Autism Spectrum

Experts: Dr Anna Kennedy OBE (UK)
              Ms Jo Luck (UK)

Date: 5/2/2021

Announcement episode 11.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 11)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Dealing with Dyslexia

Experts: Jeranjie Kmfose  (Malawi)

Cigdem Knebel (USA)

Debora McMullin (UK)

Date: 12/2/2021

Dr Sudesh Mukhopadhyay.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 12)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Inclusion in India - Policies and Implementations

Expert: Prof Sudesh Mukhopadhyay

Date: 26 February 2021

Announcement episode 13.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 13)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Launching of EMPOWER

Present: All the founding members of I for inclusion

Date: 5/3/2021

Announcement episode 14.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 14)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Inclusive Education in India- Theory and Practicalities in light of the NEP

Experts: Kavita Sharma, Anjali Pillai

Date: 12/3/2021

Announcement episode 15.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 15)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Addressing Sensory Issues through Play and Activities to Develop Learning Skills in Children

Experts: Sreepriya Bhowmik and Louise Coleman

Date: 26 March 2021

episode 16.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 16)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Amazing Autism

Guests: Dr Stephen Shore, Ujjwal Sharma and Mihir Pillai

Date: 2 April, 2021

episode 17.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 17)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Decrypting Dyslexia

Experts: Mike Jones and Tiffany James

Date: 16 April 2021

episode 18.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 18)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Autism in Women

Expert: Dr Cathriona Stewart

Date: 23 April 2021


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 19)


Topic: Parenting an Exceptional Child

Guest: Pronita Banerjee

Date: 30 April 2021


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 20)

June 9, 2019

Topic: IEP & Home-Schooling

Guests: Caroline Hill (UK)

              Rashda Yasmine (UAE)

Date: 21 May 2021 


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 21)


Topic: Meaningful Inclusion in Early Childhood

Experts: Michael Purches (UK)

              Mala Arora (India)

Date:   28/5/2021


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 22)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Diversity of Abilities: Are We Ready?

Expert: Ritika Sahni (India)

Date: 11/6/2021

episode 23.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 23)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Universal Design for Learning

Expert: Penny Meyer (South Africa) 

Date: 18/6/2021      


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 24)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Importance of Receptive Language Development in Autism

Experts: Dr Stephen Shore (USA)

               Lisa Carey-Woolls (UK)

               Pallavi Mallick (UAE)

Date: 25/6/2021


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 25)

June 9, 2019

Topic: Neurodiversity

Experts: Kavita Sharma (India)

               Victoria Bagnall (UK)

                Nic Lander (UK)

Date:   2/7/2021


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 26)

Aug 13, 2021

Topic: Neurodiversity: The Best PRactices

Experts: Michael Purches (UK)
              Caroline Hill (UK)


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 27)

Aug 20, 2921

Topic: Nurturing "Dys"-Constellation

Guest: Sreepriya Bhowmik (UK)


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 28)

Sept 17 2021

Topic: Neurodiversity in India

Guest: Kavita Sharma (India)

Episode 29.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 29)

Sept 24 2021

Topic: Life with Autism

Guest: Dr Stephen Shore (USA)

epi 30.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 30)

Oct 10 2021

Topic: Is Nwurodiversity a Romantic Idea?

Guest: Kavita Sharma (India)

epi 31.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 31)

Oct 22, 2021

Topic: ADHD

Guest: Therese Bosshhardt (USA)

Episode 32.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 32)

Nov 19, 2021

Topic: Small Steps Can Lead to Big Successes

Guest: Vijaya Vaithilingam (India)


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 33)

Nov 26, 2021

Topic: Emotionally Safe School: The Need of the Hour

Guest: Dr Debarshi Roy (India)

34 final.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 34)

Dec 3, 2021

Topic: Achieving SDG4: Where do we stand and where we are going?

Guest: Prof Sudesh Mukhopadhyay (India)


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 35)

Dec 10, 2021

Topic: Enabling Inclusive Education: Challenges and Solutions

Guests: Vijaya Vaithilingam (India)

              Kavita Sharma (India)

Prof mukhopadhyay 2.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 36)

Feb 25, 2022

Topic: Inclusion: the Other View

Guest: Prof MArmar Mukhopadhyay (India)


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 37)

March 25, 2022

Topic: Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Guests: Vijaya, Vaithilingam, Prof Anirban Ghosh, Dr Papiya Upadhyay, Archana Garg (India)

epi 38.jpg

Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 38)

April 2, 2022

Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities


Let's Talk Inclusion (Episode 39)

Apr 22, 2022

Topic: Understanding Autism

Guest: Rakshita Shekhar (India)

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