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Board of Advisors

Dr Stephen Shore

Our Inspiration

As a child, Stephen Shore, Ed.D., was nonverbal and diagnosed with “atypical development and strong autistic tendencies.” Institutionalization was recommended—but rejected in favour of parent-based intensive early intervention and support.
Today, Shore is a clinical assistant professor at the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education at Adelphi University, teaching courses in special education and autism. His research and teaching focuses on matching best practices to the needs of people with autism. Shore is internationally renowned for his presentations, consultations and writings on lifespan issues pertinent to education, relationships, employment, advocacy and disclosure. 


Mrs Rani Chaudhry

Our Guiding Light

Mrs Rani Chaudhry has been associated with the education sector in India for the last four decades. She has been instrumental in the foundation and success of a number of branded private schools. i for inclusion is blessed to have Mrs Chaudhry as one of its esteemed advisors.


Mr Michael Vimal Pillai

Our Constant Support

Mr Michael Vimal Pillai has been working tirelessly in Autism advocacy in India for over two decades now. He dreams of an inclusive society in the true sense of its term and always lends a helping hand to neurodivergent people and their families. 
Mr Pillai is the Vice-President (West) of the Autism Society of India.


Mrs Anjali Pillai

Our Pillar of Strength

Mrs Anjali Pillai is a Certified Autism Specialist and a member of the National  Autistic Society, UK. She has been working with children and young people on the autism spectrum for over twenty years now. 
At present, she is based in Gujarat, India.

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