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Our Services

Our Services: Services

The modules around services extended are curated in such a way that they have desired impact on the lives of our wonderful children and their families. Some of the services extended via online mode are:

  • Advocacy for Neurodiversity and various aspects related to it by organizing webinars, online workshops, live shows on social media

  • Customized Training Programs for Parents - EMPOWER (Encourage & Motivate Parents by Offering Workable Educational Resources)

  • Parent Counselling

  • Customized Training Programs for Teachers

  • Helping in Autism Intervention

  • Interventions regarding Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) for children and youth

  • Alternative Therapeutic inputs including Play Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Music and Movement Therapy

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Individualized Vocational Plan (IVP)

The team will soon start helping selected progressive organizations/schools to create an inclusive/integrated set up so that more and more neurodivergent children and young people could be brought into mainstream and may have a better normal life. Though most of our services will stay online in order to have a wider reach but ‘We are waiting for normalcy to set-in to start some offline interventions as well’.

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