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Our Approach

In developing nations including India, support services for neurodivergent children and youth are quite limited. And wherever it is available in bigger cities, it costs an arm and a leg. Such expensive services are unaffordable for many even if they desire to. The driving force behind i for inclusion, Ms Manobina Chakraborty, wanted to empower parents so that they can take the best care of their children who required support and care more than usual. As soon as the initiative got launched, it received tremendous response and it seemed parents from various parts of the globe were waiting for such a beneficial platform. Ms Chakraborty joined hands with various experts involved in this field and started extending free of charge services in the following ways:

  • Webinars

  • Facebook Live sessions

  • Free Educational and Therapeutic resources

  • Connecting parents with the right set of experts who may guide and assist in the best manner

So far, parents from India, the US, the UK, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana and Singapore have approached the team and are availing services and adulating the benefits derived for their children through our services.

Way Forward

The long-term sustainable and crystal clear goal is to extend the most beneficial bespoke online and later in-person services to every neurodivergent child in need and her/his family through a large pool of adequately trained and highly experienced and fully devoted professionals.

Our Approach: Who We Are

i for inclusion Welcomes You

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Our Approach: Welcome
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